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Here are a few pictures of our work and us on site.

Retro-look - modern service

The Coffee Perch has an iconic and retro-look which is sure to please customers.  However, whilst it might look retro, delivering is anything but, with a top quality coffee machine, on-board water, lithium batteries and LPG, The Coffee Perch delivers top quality.

Remote locations

Our pod is self-sufficient, and combined with our support vehicle, is able to run for 2 > 3 days without restocking.  So if your location is remote, no issues, we can keep serving coffees and other drinks day and night as required.

All year round

Whilst we all love the summer and having great times out in the sun, The Coffee Perch is fully equipped to deliver in winter equally as well.  The UK is known to have very variable weather so it's good to know that you can enjoy a classic coffee or a lovely warm seasonal drink in to keep those fingers and toes warm.


Check out The Coffee Perch and some of our great snacks below.

The Coffee Perch is a trading name of Oshwell Ltd - Company Number : 14827069.  Registered address: Stoneville Street, Cheltenham, Glos.
Member of the Nationwide Caterers Association Member: 34440.

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